Pedro Bakker (1952) lives and works in Friesland (NL). He studied Fine Arts and Philosophy in Amsterdam. At first he was a painter and alternately a writer upon art. In 2006 his participation in an existentialist retreat/Militant Bourgeois changed his artistic attitude, from painting a meaningless subject to drawing an autobiographical theme. In 2010 he graduated from the University of Amsterdam (MA Artistic Research) with a solo show MUM at W139, Amsterdam. Large coloured drawings have been shown internationally: Witzenhausengallery Amsterdam/New York, Scope Basel (CH), Scope New York, Zona Maco Mexico, Museum De Paviljoens (NL), RISD Providence (USA), Buro Leeuwarden and Fries Museum, Onomatopee Eindhoven, Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, De Hallen Haarlem, WitteveenVAC Amsterdam (NL) ,DAC Chongqing ,C-Space Beijing, Black Sesame Space/IFP Beijing, CEAC and Three Shadows Xiamen and AMNUA Nanjing (CN) . He received grants from the FundBKVB for his project L’Éternel Retour (1943) Ma Mère et Georges B. and from the Mondriaanfund for his project To Draw Politically. The Fries Museum acquired the supergiant drawings The Goatfucker (about the murdered film director Theo van Gogh) and In Memory of 1871 (about the Dutch socialist Domela Nieuwenhuis). The follow-up was a residency at DAC & Chongqing AIR (CN) to work on his project “Madame Mao” over a period of 8 months, funded by the Mondriaanfund. Currently he finished his artist book entitled Innocent with the generous support by crowdfunding Voordekunst, Fonds Kwadraat and the Mondriaanfund. The publisher is Onomatopee, for info see
The book launch was organised by SMBA in collaboration with Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam and Jelle Bouwhuis, curator-at-large of the Stedelijk Museum, opened his solo show. Last year he did bookpresentations, lectures and performances at MMU in Manchester, C-Space Beijing and DAC & Chongqing AIR. For the first time he collaborated with the filmmaker Chen Yujie to create a poemfilm entitled Pygmalion’s Bride. The first public screening took place on August the 2nd in Manchester. Since September 2016 he's artist of gallery Witteveen NL, for info visit and this gallery presented him with his new series Mapping Beauty at the art fair Amsterdam Drawing and at A Temporary Farewell group show. Recently he received the 4-year grant "Proven Talent" (Established Artist) from the Mondriaan Fund to work on his, long term, project 'New Illusions of Love'. Following was a 2-month residency at the Institute for Provocation (IFP) in Beijing in 2017. In the meantime The Fries Museum purchased Burnt Home 7 (2009) and The Pear Garden (2015) and in 2017 he had a solo show in the Fries Museum and he was awarded with the Gerrit Benner Prize. The Museum collected several drawings (from the "Mapping Beauty" and "Qianxi" series). In 2018 he was artist-in-residency at the Chinese European Art Centre, CEAC (4 months) and in 2018/19 at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (1 month). He collaborated with the young female dancer Wang Yunke and created twice the performance "Chess Qizi 棋子“。About the first performance he published a book, printed in China and this was part of the group show Rolling Snowball in the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, AMNUA and launched at Three Shadows Xiamen. This International Presentation was made possible with a grant of the Mondriaan Fund. Recently the young talented artist Mickey Yang is his mentor in a reverse mentoring project, organized by the Mondriaan Fund together with "Cultuur + Ondernemen". During this project he started an experiment with papier-mâché resulting in a new working method to create assemblages of buildings with figures in it.

Pedro Bakker is on Vimeo with films of performances, a poetry film and an animation.


1952 Wervershoof, lives and works in Friesland.

1980–1984 University of Amsterdam, Philosophy and Academy of Fine Arts, Drawing
1991–1992 Individual studio-visits by the Dutch painter Toon Verhoef
2008–2010 University of Amsterdam/Sandberginstitute, MA Artistic Research

Selected Solo Shows
2009 Buro Leeuwarden, Frisian Museum, Story
2010 W139, Amsterdam, MUM
2010 Witzenhausengallery Chelsea, New York Burnt Home
2012 Witzenhausengallery, Amsterdam One Man – One Woman
2012 Witzenhausengallery Chelsea, New York Drawn like a man
2013 Witzenhausengallery, Amsterdam To Draw Politically
2015 DAC&ChongqingAIR, China, The Woman of Fate
2016 Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam, Innocent
2016 C-Space Beijing, China
2017 Black Sesame Space, Beijing
2017 Fries Museum, Leeuwarden
2018 Witteveen gallery, Amsterdam
2018 Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen

Selected Group Exhibitions
2006 Sign, Groningen Reading the drawing
2008 Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam Tell me
2011 Gallery Smarius, Gorredijk Drawing. The Best!
2011 RISD Providence USA A history in common
2011 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam I wish I loved the human race
2012 Museum de Paviljoens, Almere De Nederlandse identiteit?
Half suiker half zand. De recente geschiedenis door de ogen
van Mister Motley.
2012 Onomatopee, Eindhoven. Who Told you so #4 Truth vs Family
2013 New Frisian Museum, Leeuwarden. Horizons.
2014 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. Nieuwe Leden
2014 DNB, ABA, Amsterdam I am not doing anything until I feel the need
2014 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, curator Hanne Hagenaars and Heske ten Cate "Onschuld"
2015 De Hallen, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem. Curators: Ann Demeester and Lex ter Braak. "O Muse!"
2017 Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam. A Temporary Farewell Show.
2018 Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, China. Rolling Snowball.
2019 Drents Museum Assen, De Moeder de Vrouw. 2019 Witteveen Visual Art Centre, Amsterdam. Online gallery.

Selected Art Fairs
2007 Scope Basel (Witzenhausen Gallery)
2007 Scope Art Miami
2008 Circa Puerto Rico ‘08
2010 Scope New York
2010 Zona Maco, Mexico
2011 Art Amsterdam
2013 Scope Basel
2016 Amsterdam Drawing
2017 6 voor 6, Amsterdam

Private and Public collections My work is represented in private collections at home and abroad and in public collections such as the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. Private and Public collections My work is represented in private collections at home and abroad and in public collections such as the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. Private collection: “Burnt Home 1”, “White cow series” (2), “Shanzi study 2”, “Chenchen as Blengin”, “Looking for lady CC” (3), “Spring”, “Jiefang Truck Series” (4), “Qianxi 2”, Sketches for Madame Mao series (5), 2015/2016 "Travel 1", "L'éternel retour 8", "Burnt Home 3", "Acéphale drawings", 2012 “Sunny series 7”, 2010, “Sunny series”, 2009, “De koefilosoof”, 2005, “White cow series”, 2005 “Koeienletters” (box with 55 etchings) (30), 2002, “Cows at the Middenweg series”, 1998 Public collection (Fries Museum): “Is P.Kierk an artist or not?” (22 drawings), 2008, “Documentary Drawing”, Sunny series 10, 2009, “Re-Enactment, June 4th, 1970”, 2012, “In Memory of 1871 (Domela Nieuwenhuis)”, 2014, “The Goatfucker”, 2014. "Burnt Home 7", 2009. "The Peargarden", 2015, "Mapping Beauty 2 and 3", "Portrait of Qianxi" and "Qianxi 5". Public collection (Waterland Museum): “Koeienletters” (box with 55 etchings), 2002
Benetton World Art Collection, Imago Mundi, "Daisy Flower", 2016

2010 Gerrit Bennerprize honourable mention
2017 Gerrit Bennerprize

2011 Fonds BKVB, contribution to working budget February-August
2013 Mondriaanfund, projectgrant "To Draw Politically"
2014/15 Mondriaanfund, grant "Praktijkverdieping" 8 months DAC&ChongqingAIR
2016 Mondriaanfund generous support Artist book "Innocent".
2016 4-year Grant "Proven Talent"(Established Artist) from the Mondriaan Fund
2018 Grant International Presentation from the Mondriaan Fund

2006 Book Hotel Maria
2010 Book Gijs Frieling W139 "Artists do what they want"
2012 Mister Motley nr 32 Richtje Reinsma "De moeder als muze".
2013 Catalogue OMP75 "Who told you so?!" Onomatopee.
2014 Project text "The negative artwork" by Jelle Bouwhuis
2014 Block-calender by Joanneke Meester
2016 Onomatopee, Artist book "Innocent", authors Hanne Hagenaars, Jelle Bouwhuis and Laurens ten Kate, sponsored by the Materiaalfund, and the Mondriaanfund
2016 Benetton World Art Collection, Imago Mundi, Introduction Jelle Bouwhuis
2018 "About Chess Qizi 棋子“, CEAC, Xiamen

A television report Omrop Fryslân, K-Rûte
the radio broadcast De avonden – Radio 6. (how-to-live "de dood zal komen en jouw ogen hebben")
Review "O Muse", Newspaper Trouw (2015)
Films of performances, a poetry film and an animation on view at Vimeo
Online Gallery Witteveen Amsterdam,

Writing activities
2003-2009 Metropolis M
2010 MA-Thesis UvA “The Sovereign Darger”
2019 Exhibition text "Closed Eyes", solo Mickey Yang at P//////AKT, Amsterdam.

2009 Buro Leeuwarden "My Mother and Georges Bataille"
2010 W139 "The Magic of Baby Angels (on Henry Darger)"
2011 Stendhal, University of Amsterdam Stendhal Symposium
2014 The Studium Generale at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague. "Outside Drawings". With Jelle Bouwhuis on "The Negative Artwork".
2015 DAC&ChongqingAIR. "Innocent images".
2016 Conference "Visualising Chinese Borders", MMU, Manchester.
2016 C-Space Beijing, DAC&ChongqingAIR, TAO Studio, Chongqing "Book introduction"
2017 Institute for Provocation, Beijing
2018 B-Joy Image, Xiamen
2019 Upcoming "Henry Darger", Extrapool Nijmegen

Presentations, Performances
2007 Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA), Militant Bourgeois
2011 RISD, Providence, USA
2014 Arti et Amicitiae, a performance by Bo Kisser with the 'Van Gogh' song "The goatfucker".
2014 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Onschuld, the song "Uncle and Auntie"
2015 DAC&ChongqingAIR, two songs with the lecture "Innocent images".
2015 DAC&ChongqingAIR, music suite "The woman of Fate".
2016 C-Space Beijing songs with book presentation.
2016 TAO studio, Chongqing, songs with book presentation.
2017 Black Sesame Space, Beijing "A Blink of Pink"
2017 Fries Museum, "Goatfucker"
2018 Witteveen/Vriend van Bavink, "A Blink of Pink"
2018 Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, "Chess Qizi 棋子“
2018 Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Xiamen, New stage version
2019 Onomatopee Eindhoven. Superbook Saturday, interviewed by Mickey Yang + screening of the one minute performance film "Onomatopoietica of the kiss".

2006 An Existentialist Retreat, Amsterdam
2009-2010 Studio Red Light Art District, Amsterdam
2013-2014 Studio at Wissesdwinger, Leeuwarden.
2014-2015 DAC&ChongqingAIR, Chongqing, China.
2016 DAC&ChongqingAIR, Chongqing, China.
2017 Institute for Provocation, Beijing, China.
2018 Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen, China.
2018-2019 Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Xiamen, China.