A Blink of Pink

Currently I am working on a film which is based on the footage of a video registration of my performance in Beijing and a audio recording of the song with my family band. Filmmaker Popo Fan did the video registration in Beijing and filmmaker Zhu Cheng is doing the editing. We have screened the first part of the film during my performance in Amsterdam. To my muse Pink I wrote the song A Blink of Pink. I have performed my song on Saturday 10 Februari plus a couple of David Bowie songs (among which China Girl), accompanied by my 'family' band and on drums guest Clara de Mik (Slagerij van Kampen).

Song text: A Blink of Pink

Sunken and Drunken Play the Fool A Slender Gender Bender Touched in Tempel A Blink of Pink

Refrain: Carmine drips on Houhai (2x) A Slick of Pink shines Icely.

Going wild, facing Hot, High Heeled, Black Hair Out of the Blue Screen A Blink of Pink

(Refrain) Singing and Dancing Play the Key I like to be an Artist Making drawings of A Blink of Pink

Improvisation and Dancing. Repeat Stanza 1, 2 and 3 and Refrain.